Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences is an international scientific journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, and it was renamed in 2009 after the Journal of Fisheries Science and Technology to reflect the expanded importance of fisheries and aquatic sciences for the 21st century. The journal publishes papers on applied or scientific research relevant to aquaculture, aquatic life and environments, fisheries and seafood sciences. In addition to publishing papers reporting results of original research, the journal will also include, review articles, technical papers, short communications, research notes and book reviews.

Contacting the FAS

To submit your manuscript, please go to http://e-fas.org

Contact details

Editor-in-Chief. Sungchul C. Bai
Department of Marine Bio-Materials and Aquaculture, Pukyong National University,
Busan 608-737, Korea
E-mail: kosfas@naver.com

Instructions for Authors

Please refers the Instructions for Authors at the journal webpage.

Financial Support

The publication of FAS is supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Grant funded by the Korean Government (MEST).