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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Vol. 24, No. 1, 2021

Aspergillus fumigatus-derived demethoxyfumitremorgin C inhibits proliferation of PC3 human prostate cancer cells through p53/p21-dependent G1 arrest and apoptosis induction
Fish Aquat Sci 2021;24(1):1-9.
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Detection and phylogenetic analysis of norovirus from individual septic tanks in the drainage basin of the coastal area located in the Jaran Bay of Korea
Fish Aquat Sci 2021;24(1):10-18.
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Drying seaweeds using hybrid hot water Goodle dryer (HHGD): comparison with freeze-dryer in chemical composition and antioxidant activity
Fish Aquat Sci 2021;24(1):19-31.
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Behavioral analysis of rock bream Oplegnathus fasciatus reveals a strong attraction potential for sea urchin extracts
Fish Aquat Sci 2021;24(1):32-40.
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Correlation between water temperature and catch at a set net in Yeosu Bay, Korea
Fish Aquat Sci 2021;24(1):41-52.
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Early overcounting in otoliths: a case study of age and growth for gindai (Pristipomoides zonatus) using bomb 14C dating
Fish Aquat Sci 2021;24(1):53-62.
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